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About Beverly Wolf


A native of the East Coast, Beverly Wolf, came to Southern California when the family relocated.  After high school, Pasadena City College served as a hotbed for exploring career goals.  An interest in the entertainment industry guided Beverly to San Jose State University where she was formally trained in Public Relations and Marketing.    While attending San Jose State, she polished her administrative skills working for several prestigious electronic firms.  An internship she landed with Ketchum Public Relations, in San Francisco, turned to part time employment and she was hired full time upon graduation from San Jose State with a B. A. in Public Relations.  The experience gained at Ketchum Public Relations was invaluable, but a desire to pursue work related to the entertainment industry led to exploring other opportunities.  

A sales position, at a San Jose weekly newspaper, offered an opportunity to pursue that goal.  As Manager of the paper's entertainment accounts, she was responsible for promoting over 35 films in the San Jose market.  Clients included Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, MGM/UA, Columbia Pictures and Tristar.  To her sales credit, two new vertical markets:  real estate and employment brought advertising revenue to the paper.

Long a fan of Santa Barbara, from college days of commuting between San Jose and Los Angeles, Beverly relocated to the beautiful city, so fondly referred to by locals as "paradise."

In 1994, armed with years of experience in marketing, sales, advertising, public relations and office administration, Beverly hung out a shingle for her own business.  The early years of the business focused on freelancing as an office administrator for various independent business owners who required her unique compliment of skills for their projects.  By 1999, several client projects were involving regular research on the Internet. After experiencing complicated web sites, some seemingly impossible to navigate, and many others with blatant errors, she conceived an idea to offer web site editing as a service Wolf On Web was the result.


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