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Web Site Editing & Maintenance

Web sites can be a powerful tool in your communication arsenal.

Poor planning and navigation can send someone surfing to your competition.  Wolf On Web can assist you in re-evaluating and re-engineering your web site for optimum performance.


Surfing the web, have you ever experienced web pages that took forever to load or you started following links which took you into an impossible maze and you couldn't find what you were looking for or your way back? 


Web Site Maintenance

Web Editing or Maintenance, by an outside source, can ensure that your web site stays current, easy to use and remains a cutting edge, interactive, communication tool for your business.  Keeping your web site current lets the world know that you cover ALL your communication bases -- every relevant event, announcement to customers, investors or the media should be highlighted on your web site.

Revising and updating your web site on a regular basis also keeps it fresh and interesting and will give viewers a reason to keep coming back -- especially if you offer them something new.

Are busy day to day operations keeping your web site on the back burner?

Let Wolf on Web keep your web site on the fast track.
Call today, 805-733-5329 or e-mail your web site address and phone number to Beverly@wolfonweb.com.


Design Review Guides

The following elements can be attractions or distractions...

Is your web site delivering the message to your viewers?

Visual Appeal and Layout

Clean design elements

Use of Color

Use of Animation

Use of Sound

Content and Readability

Size and style of text

Good contrast with background color or texture

Good Grammar

Edited for spelling errors

Ease of Use

Quick loading pages

Easy to follow links

Access to contact information

Good internal navigation


Whether your site needs an overhaul or just a little seasonal cleaning, contact Wolf On Web today!

E-mail your website address and phone number to beverly@wolfonweb.com for a free initial consultation.